What’s Up Next Meets Bingeables:


Bingeboundby: Samantha Stemmer (Bingebound-Binged LLC) 

With all the recommendations coming from The Vision Room’s series “Bingeables” one might be feeling overwhelmed with all these shows on their “to watch list.” Well, those overwhelming feelings can move along because Binged LLC created an app called Bingebound which will satisfy all your binging needs. The app allows people to track what they are binging, want to binge, and have binged. In addition, the app provides a social aspect for friends, family, and TV watchers to bond over their favorite shows they have binged. Trying to keep track of all the shows one has seen and then the ones that they still want to watch on phone notes apps, is now a task of the past. 

Bingebound has created three simple categories to organize shows into one’s profile: binging, want to binge, and binged. The “binging” category allows one’s social network to see what they are currently watching. The “want to binge” category will provide the user with the space to organize their TV recommendations and now no one will not miss out on a great recommendation because they simply forgot about it. Lastly the “binged” category allows the user to look back at everything they have seen and leave ratings and reviews. 

Along with the organization of TV shows, Bingebound has data on over 100K television programs, tells users what streaming platforms the programs are available on, and provides users with updates on any shows that are saved to their profile. Bingebound also alerts when new episodes are released, what the most popular and trending shows are, and programs that are similar to what users have seen. 

Bingebound is the app of every TV lover’s dream. The app is still very new and working out kinks on the technical side, but the concept of this app is beyond genius. That being said, we at The Vision Room believe Bingebound might be the next big thing. Make sure you download Bingebound for free from the App Store or Google Play


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