Everything I Learned from Chandler Bing

By Neha Seenarine (Photo from Tumblr) 


“Friends” is one of the most well-known sitcoms. Six young adults learning how to live successfully and happily in New York City. We all know about Rachel’s iconic haircut and Joey’s pickup lines. However, for me, Chandler Bing is the one that hits close to home. Sitcom characters are made to be relatable. We find them in similar situations with wanting to get a dream job or going through heartbreak and Bing has been through it all. 

The Man Behind It All 

Bing’s character would not be possible without Matthew Perry. His wit drives through every episode’s performance. We hear Perry’s sarcasm in most lines and see his body language when he is trapped in certain situations. I could not imagine any member “Friends” cast, being replaced with someone else. 

Chandler’s Average Life 

Bing’s character is pretty normal. He’s an average dude, and that’s all we need from a sitcom character. Then there is Rachel who comes from a rich household and Phoebe who has an estranged twin. I think Bing’s storyline is the most relatable out of all the characters. He has a lost hope for love because of his divorced parents. Regardless of our parents’ marital status, we tend to realize our love lives is not the easy “lose a shoe at the ball” plotline from Cinderella. We have seen Bing strike out with women he’s interested in, go through heartbreak, and even go back to his crazy ex, Janice. It happens to us all. A good portion of “Friends” is not knowing what Bing’s career is. We see him in an office setting from time to time. He works in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration (I had to Google it). Regardless, it’s okay not to have a job like Rachel at Ralph Lauren. Yes, we shoot for the stars working for big companies and it is important to have goals. However, a local firm that pays the bills and offers 401k will get you by day to day. 


Modernizing Chandler 

Bing’s character would fit in any timeline. In 2021, I can imagine a storyline of him being upset about gas price inflation. He’s an average guy you would meet in the grocery, and that’s what is perfect about him, he is relatable. Bing being average does not mean he’s boring, it means more people can identify with him if he does not have much of a story at all. 

What We Can All Learn from Mr. Bing 

Normal is not bad or boring. Characters are always portrayed to be rich, happy, and glamourous. It took Bing almost the entirety of “Friends” to find his special someone and be content with his life. You can’t always get what you want, but what is meant for you will come to you.


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