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Our Vision

The Vision Room is an agency that was created out of the passion to help businesses and brands create a visible presence on the social media fronts and leverage the opportunities that comes with the presence to improve their standings at their various markets and industries. 

Through hard-work, commitment and innovative strategies of our founders, we have been able to rise within a short period to become a very important player in the industry, and we have been able to help a number of small businesses and brands along the way to explore the power of social media to better the position of their businesses.

We believe the best brands are built by competent hands, and this is why we are committed to hiring the best talents available to get our job done. Presently, we have some of the best brains that you can find in the social media business branding industry anywhere. Our team consists of content creators, photographers, influencers, editors and podcasters, and together, we work day and night to create the perfect contents that tell the stories of each brand we manage in the best ways possible.

Our current team consists of seven (7) active members who are committed to the brand 24/7 and would stop at nothing to make sure that your business maximizes the opportunities available on the social media market and translating those opportunities to increased patronage and sales figures. Also, we are a brand which is committed to inclusivity and growth, and this means we are open to adding more skilled hands to our current team in the nearest future once our standings demand it, and as soon as we find the kind of talents that are desirable and willing to buy into our firm’s corporate goals and objectives.

We are of the opinion that creativity is fluid, and there are times that you may have a team in place already, with a clear vision of how you wish to tell your brand stories, while lacking the infrastructures you need to do so. If you are in this category, we are still available and happy to work with you. We have a 1,200 square foot studio in place that has all the modern infrastructures you and your creative team would need to achieve your big vision. All it would take is to pay an affordable rental fee in order to use our world class facilities to work out your magic.

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most overnight successes took a long time…. – steve jobs

Our Goal

Our goals moving forward is to continue to provide world class support to our customers by helping them to leverage the opportunities that are available in the social media space to improve their customer base, sales and overall relevance in the market in which they operate. We would also be willing to help a lot more of the small businesses around who still don’t know about social media marketing on how to go about it, and what can be done to reposition their brands in the current digital age.