Special Screening of HBO original PAUSE with Sam Jay


Keenan Ivory Wayans’ “In Living Color” set the bar for sketch comedy
shows. Today we are seeing shows like “A Black Lady Sketch Show”
innovate their approach to the genre, building a scripted story around
the skits. Last night Fader presented a virtual screening of the HBO
original “PAUSE with Sam Jay”. Sam, a former writer for SNL, pushed
the boundaries of how a sketch comedy can be structured and delivered
a message to viewers that could empower them and alter the way they
see the world. Dare I say… It was genius.

PAUSE displayed a level of authenticity and honesty not seen on
television these days. The skits laid in a bed surrounded by a party
scene where Sam and her crew of friends/writers had casual
conversations that served as precursors for each skit. For instance,
in the “Go Judge Me” bit, and the conversation that preceded it, Jay
challenged the way we see Go Fund Me campaigns.

“It would be nice to shed light on these conditions of poverty that
force these circumstances”, Sam Jay expressed in a pre-recorded
interview that aired after the premier.

The writer/comedian spoke of the lessons learned since spending time
amongst wealthier friends and acquaintances. She mentioned how the
approach to wealth is different in affluent environments as opposed to
the hood. Whether it’s access to loans or candid investment group
chats, Sam simply stated, “Access creates opportunity.”

One of the last questions posed to Sam during the exclusive conversation with comedian and show writer Zack Fox was about how views on cancel culture. She explained “The only thing that frightens me is the mob needing blood. Needing a particular version of retribution.”

Sam Jay is here to make you laugh hysterically, question what you
think you know and push the limits of comedy!

“PAUSE with Sam Jay” airs Fridays on HBO and is also streaming on HBO Max.

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