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Written By: JimmySoDope

There have been many remarkable success stories from New Jersey, the city has produced some of the finest acts that have hit the entertainment industry, from Queen Latifah to Shaquille O’Neal to Shakur Stevenson.

However, there has been a new movement right in the garden state which has stayed underground for years, until recently. While people outside of New Jersey are of the idea that Jersey club music just came about, Jamal Hall, writer of Lit, the movie and director says that “It’s always been there. Club music, cookout music. Universally, music touches people but for jersey club it’s different. It has a unique sound and to represent it on the big screen is special” Apparently, this had been hidden until recently.

A night that will always be remembered as an important night is September 24th and for so many reasons. The movie Lit showcased the Jersey Club Music Movement, which had dancers, DJs, producers, radio personalities, and artists. The movie did not just bring entertainers to the spotlight, it also gave actors a chance to make their big-screen debut. This is huge for them because, since the Newark riots, the communities have been given the back seat and no recognition whatsoever. However, this brought them some real love and recognition, and that meant a lot.

A large smile could be seen on the face of Livingston native, Chan Briggs. He seemed happy about the events unfolding. He said “I Started pursuing acting 3 years ago. Now I’m working with Marc( John Jeffries). I watched this dude as a kid now I’m sparring with him on camera.” He was then asked if he had some advice for young people who sought success, and ever so cheerily he replied “Manifest. Everything. You matter. Stay positive! Go hard!”

Some stars made an appearance, and one of them was Cookiee Kawaii.  She showed up looking as gorgeous as she always did and she had a few words as well. She was asked what the impact of Lit could be, and she said “Jersey and jersey club music has been influential for a minute now so for us to have a movie is dope and only the beginning. So please watch the movie. Stream it. Share it. Bootleg it. Wait. Don’t bootleg it.” She did share a laugh with that light-hearted joke because in all sincerity, it was a beautiful night.


One thing is true and definite, and that is that Lit is going to be a massive success, astronomical even. It has all the makings of a big bang maker. There are dance scenes that would have you breaking the laws of the theater and standing to just dance energetically along with them. There are plot twists that would leave your jaw on the floor, there are dramatic moments that are catharsis-inducing, and there are lessons that you will talk about for the rest of your life. This movie is that movie that can have you returning to the theater twice.

This movie has the support of veteran actors like Marc John Jefferies, and an entire state. It is already a success.


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