Written by Jimmysodope

The last movie that premiered by the Halls Mills Network was the high energy dance film “Lit”. Not only was the “Lit” movie premier at CityPlex 12 was sold out, the movie went on win “Best Feature Film” from Hollywood Urban South Film Festival and “Best Indie Feature” in the Vegas Movie Awards. I spoke to director Jamal Hall about how it feels to have another sold out premier evening with “A Fathers Pride”

“It feels good. Our 1st film “Live With No Regrets” was screened at the AMC theater & had a good turn out but to come from that and to keep it going, especially during a pandemic, we really appreciate the support.”

The premier essentially had two components, the actual screening of “A Fathers Pride” the mix & mingle which functioned like a meet and greet. Taking place in the atrium of the theater, the moments before and after the movie played allowed the audience to meet cast members, photos were captured on the red carpet and an abundance of networking opportunities. As the cameras flashed I caught up with the film’s writer and co director, J Burroughs, he shared what he’s most proud of when it comes to “A Fathers Pride”?

“The way the team brought everything together. There’s no small roles in putting this all together. We had fun filming. And it’s amazing to see and share something that was inside of my head. Y’all get to feel the vibe and all the emotions and energy. Working with this great cast and the way it was shot.”

The mix & mingle was a huge success. To see all of those brilliant, smiling brown faces would be enough to make Spike Lee proud any day of the week. A Fathers Pride didn’t disappoint on the big screen either. What really captured me was that quite a few of the cast members made their acting debut with this movie. R&B singer and entrepreneur Lea Robinson spoke on the importance of her 1st movie role and the message her character Goldie portrayed.

“The best story tellers are the ones that are truthful. It felt really dope to tap into someone else’s life because these are things that people are actually going through. To be able to channel a whole emotion that I’ve never felt. It’s so important for black families especially with mental health being popular right now. It’s important for us to express ourselves and be open and be vulnerable about what’s going on in our lives. We suppress a lot of things as black people. It’s just now becoming cool to speak about mental health, going to therapy and seeking help.”


The film hit a few pain points. It touched on religion, family feuds, black on black violence, HIV and so much more. Ironically, the mix & mingle portion of the night showed that the solution to some of these problems could be as simple as black folk coming together to celebrate each other. I asked filmmaker Roc Davis about the importance of mentorship and the roles of men in today’s society.

“My father was a stay at home pops. My mom went to work everyday. My father was in. My life everyday. I learned film making from my father. So mentorship is very important. And the world is upside down. They try to eliminate us with all the stuff going on. So we gotta pull together. The men gotta run it. We gotta get back on our stuff and make it right. The women have been out here holding it down. The fathers have been kinda absent. We got some great brothers out here so I’m not saying it’s all but that’s just me being honest as a man and a father.”

If you missed the premier don’t worry, A Fathers Pride will be screening March 20th at CityPlex12 In Newark, NJ. Click the link below for movie times & tickets.











Stylish Night Out in New York City with Hennessey

(Hennessy Carolina)


Last weekend  was unarguably on of the most stylish nights for the books.  The Vision Room had its big 2022 debut with stylists Charles Reynolds from The  Pluglicist  to coordinate a high fashion look for social media’s style icon,  Hennessey Carolina.

Everyone was there but we give credit to the following brands that showed huge support and love. Now lets get in to these looks.

Left to Right Charles Reynolds, Hennessy Carolina Xavier Banks

First up we have, Charles Reynolds (left), in a dripped in handmade Arcoa  (@arcoa.ny) and Air Jordan kicks. Charles he was looking sleek and ready to fly.

Next we have Xavier Banks (right), who graced us with his fashionable presents,  wearing a jacket by Arcoa  (@arcoa.ny), shirt by Revery, and shoes by Rick Owens (@rickowensonline). As per usual, he always smashes any look. 

Finally we have Hennessey Carolina (center) our pièce de résistance,  in a snow stopping Daniel’s Leather fox trench coat ,  gorgeous black laced one piece by Shane Justin, and Christian Louboutin pumps.

In great words of Fat Joe, these bombshells reminded us that  “Yesterday’s prices [will never be ] today’s prices. Together, this trio keep the city that never sleeps on its toes. 

We cannot forget the other amazing brands  that added their professional touch to this fashionable night.  The Pluglicist and Access by NKC teams work so effortlessly as they assisted with Charles Reynolds with the vision for this styling project.
Access by NKC  collaboration with Charles Reynolds made this an elegant night for the fashionista. It was a  night of style, and if you missed it, we got you covered!! Feast your eyes on all the juicy pictures and more on Instagram @ thevisionroom.
The Vision Room is a creative and collaborative space that works with content creators, enabling them and providing a platform to showcase their passion and skills on social media. The team is comprised of a professional team with the tools and talents to enhance your expertise and work. They are all about creating and capturing unique and wow-I-wish-I-was-there moments.

Top Five: Franchise French Fries

By Neha Seenarine

There are plenty of listicles on the internet about the best fast-food, French fries. This simple side dish has sparked controversy on which restaurant serves the best. What makes my list more trustworthy than others? Nothing, it is all about preference. 

(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

What makes the perfect French fry?

French fries is the only acceptable food that your friend can stick their hand in your plate for. The perfect fry to me is seasoned shoestring cut. I am not big fan of potato wedges or steak-cut fries because I think there is too much potato inside. I prefer a good crunch. 

Most fast-food restaurants stick to the straight cut for its simplicity. We usually see crinkle-cut in Chinese takeout and Curly cut and waffle cut varieties can be find found at local diners. However, Arby’s and Chick-Fil-A serve different cut fries and that is one of the things that makes their menu diverse from other fast-food restaurants. 

A major flaw about French fries is that they get soggy quickly because, they are not meant for a catering event, just something quick like your lunch break. 

This is where my spiel on French fries ends, here are my top five choices:

(Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash)

  1. Five Guys – Cajun Fries

Five Guys is not stingy with their servings. You order a small, they will give you twice the amount. The fries are seasoned perfectly, and it is served in a cup. It is easy to be on-the-go with your Five Guys fries. I am not sure who the five guys are, but they are doing a great job. The only downside is not everyone can enjoy Five Guys’ fries, they are made in peanut oil and the probability of allergies would be an issue. 


  1. Popeyes – Cajun Fries

Again, the Cajun fries. I guess we can see a pattern on my preference. The fries are thinly cut with some flakiness to it. Popeyes’ fries keep me going back to their orange box for more. A big flaw is the portion. Maybe it’s me, but a large order of Popeyes’ fries is barely sharable for more than two people.


  1. Wendy’s 

Wendy’s fries lack seasoning, but there is a nice thin cut to them. They are a bit bland, but nothing that ketchup can’t fix. There is a great dipping sauce that can stir some controversy – it is the Wendy’s Frosty – personally, I would dip in the chocolate Frosty.


  1. Chick-Fil-A – Waffle Fries

Enough with the straight-cut fries! Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries hold a nice flat shape. Also, it seems to hold sauces much better when dipping. Although I am not a fan of Chick-Fil-A’s mission statement, their fries are worth the try.


  1. McDonald’s

The Classic. You cannot go wrong with McDonald’s fries because it is a perfect cheap buy when you need a snack or you need to satisfy a child and there is location in every 15-minute. The fries overall are a bit salty for me. It is not my first choice, but it is not unbearable to eat.


I am from the East Coast. I have not had the opportunity to travel and try regional fast-food restaurants like In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, or Raising Canes. When I do, I will be sure to update this list. 


From TV to Radio, The O.C. is Back B*tches

Written by Samantha Stemmer

(Kast Media)

After 14 long years without the comedy and drama that Fox’s The O.C. provided, Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts, and Melinda Clarke, who played Julie Cooper, have partnered with Kast Media to produce the podcast “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!” The podcast features both Bilson and Clarke re-watching the entire series as both cast members and fans, revealing the behind-the-scenes scoop with each episode featuring different guest stars.


The podcast, which is scheduled to produce over 100 episodes, premiered on April 27 and will release episodes weekly on Tuesdays. The first episode featured series creator Josh Schwartz, who is also responsible for creating teen drama Gossip Girl. Bilson, Clarke, and Schwartz discuss the casting process, creation of the show and development, and all their favorite moments of the pilot episode.


The second episode, which was released on May 4, “The Model Home with Patrick Rush,” features Bilson and Clarke sitting down to watch the second episode of The O.C. with the main casting director of the series, Patrick Rush. Rush tells Bilson and Clarke the hardest roles to cast and his favorite lines from the second episode of the series. Rush also starts to get some of the “tea,” asking Bilson about her relationship with Adam Brody.

(Kast Media)


On May 11, the third and most recent episode of “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!” centers around the third episode of the T.V. series “The Gamble,” and welcomes guest star Peter Gallagher. Peter Gallagher, who plays the character Sandy Cohen, was the first member to be cast on the series and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the podcast as he shares his audition experience. 


While fans might not have gotten The O.C. revival or reboot they dreamt of, this podcast is the perfect solution. Fans can dive back into their favorite 2000s teen soap for around an hour and a half every Tuesday to relive the series and find out all the actor’s gossip and inside scoop. Bilson remarked that they will welcome many other guest stars to the podcast and even added that they hope Mischa Barton, who played Melissa Cooper, will join for an episode too.  


The next episode of “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!” comes out on May 18 and can be found on a multitude of streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music, additionally each episode can be found on YouTube. We at The Vision Room cannot wait to see who next week’s guest star will be. 


When the Lights Go Out

By Neha Seenarine


(Photo by Dalelan Anderson on Unsplash)

Our world is reliant on technology, but what if it was taken away from us?

We are dependent on our phones, television, and laptops to navigate our life for us. We would not know how to drive to a new restaurant without a GPS app or what to wear without checking the Weather app before we hit the shower. Luckily, I can explain what happened to me in a day without technology in 2021. A storm hit my town and took out my electricity. I imagined the power would be restored after an hour or two because that is usually the case with bad weather. However, I was in for the longest day of my life. 

Seventy seven percent of people responded that they believe society as a whole relied too much on technology to succeed according to a study by Penn State. When people say all their work is on their laptop, it is true. I had my phone running on cellular data until the battery died. I sat there thinking about all the work I could have gotten done. I could have finished school assignments, written an article, or update my Pinterest boards if I really wanted to. 

“The type of entertainment we get from technology today is known as ‘passive’ entertainment,” according to the University of People, which is like being on autopilot.  This could be anything from binge-watching a show on Netflix to listening to a podcast. It does not require much effort. Passive entertainment, or passive leisure, is different from active entertainment or active leisure, which involves the exertion of physical or mental energy.

Communication Technology has soared, and we have taken technology for granted. We use social media to pass time and abuse search engines to answer all our questions. I was not able to see my emails or follow up with a friend on how they are doing today and the funky memes they saw. I am so used to my mother texting me if I am ready for dinner. Texting lacks facial interaction and the steps we could have made across the house.

It seems that I was out of the loop for a day. However, it was nice to be away from all the blue light seeping into me. I would recommend taking a break from technology whether it is a few hours or a weekend. It allows you to reflect and be exposed to the things around you. Your phone can break, but the external resources around 

Burn Down the Mic Showcase: March 2021

Written by: Jimmysodope


Burn it Down  

There are a few things you can expect at Burn Down The Mic Showcases (BDTM), New York’s freshest DJs (DJ 3 Stacks, DJ Cassius Clay & DJ Fortune) playing Hip Hop classics & today’s hottest records, dope performances by emerging artists from coast to coast and some of the best marijuana that Earth has to offer. You’ll find Capo Lou making his rounds throughout the venue while the legendary DJ Don Demarco makes being a host look effortless. With Jamilah Rose & special guest Cooler Ruler Divine handling judging duties, Burn Down the Mic Showcase is here to make a real impact on the culture. 

I spoke to the winner of the latest installment of Burn Down the Mic, Tye Milano, and was surprised by his response to taking home the crown. “I didn’t know it was a competition till I got there. I wasn’t expecting to win or nothing. I just wanted the experience.” What shocked me most about this response was his demeanor on stage. He had poise, presence and two dancers on stage that brought enough excitement to potentially win the showcase on their own. “I was nervous, but I have great friends. Those are my brothers. They gave me energy and I fed off of it.” Two things that I must mention is that Mr. Milano is 18 years old and that was his first performance. The sky is far from the limit!

My personal favorite part of the night was when the reigning champion Luciano Baby stepped on stage and addressed the audience. He spoke positively and gave advice on simply being great. “We had a 17-year-old artist in there so hopefully my words could keep somebody in the studio and out of the streets.” With artists like Luciano Baby on the rise, East Coast Hip Hop will be in good hands. In a brief conversation with the 17-year-old artist/entrepreneur VBandzz, she expressed gratitude for all the love she received. “I was really nervous because I had never performed, and I didn’t know what to really expect. But being there and feeling everybody’s energy made me feel like damn, I could really do this for a living, as a lifestyle. Even though I didn’t win, the experience was just amazing” said the self-proclaimed “Princess of New York”. 

As the marijuana culture normalizes in New York and elsewhere, I expect BDTM to expand beyond being an underground experience to a worldwide movement. According to The Wall Street Journal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed legalizing marijuana as part of the new state budget due out next week.

Lots of showcases will promise record deals or marketing packages but often fall short when delivering actual benefits to the winners. Luchiano Baby is proof that BDTM keeps their word as he earned a management deal since his win in January. I’m eager to see how Tye Milano will capitalize off of his newfound success. 

Follow Burn Down the Mic Showcase on IG for information on the next event and check out the winner Tye Milano’s newest release “Find Me”. Links below. 

Burn Down the Mic Showcase


Tye Milano – Find Me




Date: January  22, 2020

Location: Unknown

As Told by JimmySoDope

Imagine doing five years in prison, then coming home to win the Burn Down The Mic showcase hosted by the legendary DJ Don Demarco. That’s the reality Brooklyn Hip-Hop artist Luciano Baby. I asked him how did he manage to get so much support during a pandemic? He simply replied, “That’s not me. That’s God.” 


“Supportive” is possibly the best word to describe the vibe of the showcase presented by Tornado Gang and NYC Express. DJ 3 Stacks, DJ Don Demarco & Capo Louie-Lou created a 420 friendly environment that had artists showing love to artists. The secret location, somewhere in NY, was the perfect space for rappers to connect with their peers. Judging the showcase was Jamilah Rose who said it perfectly, “Continue to NETWORK to increase your net worth. Collaboration creates synergy, synergy brings positive energy. Remember, One man can’t move a mountain. You can be super duper dope but if only your five friends know it, nothing will happen.”



Although Luchiano walked away with the crown, Burn Down the Mic was filled with talented artists. The very 1st act was King Ishtah. The lyricist effortlessly swam through an array of flows while keeping the similes and metaphors at a high level. Later on Eastside Zha Zha commanded the crowd with vivid storytelling and top shelf crowd engagement. One of the records Zha Zha performed was written while she was in labor. That’s dedication! The night also included the high energy duo BB GUNNZ that may have been the winner depending on who you asked.


One thing I couldn’t overlook was the fact that DJ Don Demarco was locked in for the entire show, front and center absorbing the performances. “That’s why we do the show. We’re here to see and hear the new talent.” The Burn Down Mic Showcase has all of the ingredients of an event that’ll be around for a while. Great DJs, honest judges, dope performers and good bud. See you next month.

Raw Bunch Presents: SPOKEN WORD

Date: December 20th , 2020

Location:  Above Art Studio New Brunswick, NJ

As Told by JimmySoDope

Newark, NJ has a historic relationship with poetry. After all, our mayor is a poet himself and the son of critically acclaimed author & poet Amiri Baraka.  When I heard that the Brick City battle rapper/entrepreneur Tsu Surf was hosting the “SPOKEN WORD” event presented by his Raw Bunch record label & the non for profit Detox The Hood, I wasn’t shocked whatsoever. I was even more excited when I got wind of the secret location, the world famous Above Art Studios in New Brunswick.

IG: @Tsu_Surf

A statement that Surf said his first time on stage pretty much set the tone for this article and the evening as a whole, “You can lie in rap, but you can’t lie in poetry.” Every poet mirrored this truth with superhuman displays of honesty and vulnerability. I caught up with Tsu Surf’s manager and the event’s coordinator Qua to ask him how they arrived at the decision to enter the battle rapper into the spoken word space. He replied, “I love Surf. I work with Surf, manage Surf but this isn’t about him. It’s about the other poets. I’m using Surf as a platform to shed light on the people. I’m setting the stage for these poets and then with the proceeds we are helping out the less fortunate.”

I inquired about Ashley The Poet’s creative process and she shared with me, “I cry when I write. That’s how I get my poems to be the way I need them to be. I write so I can change somebody in the crowd. I need somebody in the crowd to feel me. I get in tuned to the exact feeling I had the moment I went through what ever in writing about.” When I asked if she’s still healing from her experiences that have been catalysts for her art, she replied, “The healing process never ends!”

The socially distant event delivered on every level. The paintings on the walls and easels of the Above Art Studios space were top notch as they are notoriously known for. The complimentary Pinot Grigio didn’t disappoint. The poets really performed from a place of love, gratitude and vulnerability. On stage they were full of audacity and wisdom, off stage they were dropping jewels as well. JaNai Aka Ki’Nu said “Everything I do is to support our people. I feel like the Black Man does not get enough recognition and praise so when I get on a stage that’s the first thing I address.” When I asked Poetree about her performance approach she told me, “I speak from experience. From who I am. I could get on stage and just start spitting but speaking to the audience allows me to FEEL first.”

IG: @Poeism

XVIIDUKE said, “It feels good to be free. When you’re free you are real.” I asked him what was his underlying message he wanted to get across with his poems, he responded, “Question everything and remain in love because we are love!” And love was the energy that everyone felt! The audience was thoroughly engaged. They laughed, clapped and snapped their fingers when poets pulled on their heart strings.

A conversation with the author of “Tripping Over Canvases” and co-owner of Above Art Studios, Donte T Muse had a different tone. We spoke of how they were able to keep the art gallery thriving while so many businesses crumbled during the economic downfall caused by the pandemic. He explained how entrepreneurs could have taken preemptive measures to make their businesses recession proof! Donte did however have a message for those of us who are now learning that entrepreneurship and group economics are not trends but an absolute necessities if we are to rise as a community. “Love what you do. Pursue your talents and passions. Your passions are directly tied to your purpose. If you follow those things, everybody wins because you’re a piece of the puzzle.”

Qua confirmed SPOKEN WORD was initially scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2020. Obviously Covid-19 had other plans. All in all, I couldn’t think of more powerful and purposeful way to end the year. Before the night was over, Surf assured that SPOKEN WORD is indeed a series and for the next event we can expect him step aside as the host and step in as a featured act. Stay tuned….


Featured Performers

My Brother’s Keeper: Black Genius in partnership with Chad B Turkey Drive

Date: November 21, 2020

Location: Newark, NJ

@blackgeniusbrand/ @therealchadb / @sirbowtiebarnes

According to Dictionary.com, being selfless is similar to being altruistic — in other words giving to others without looking for personal gain. If you give time, money, or things to other people without expecting something in return, that is selfless. Social media entrepreneur, Tyree Barnes teamed up with his big brother, No Kutt recording artist, Chad B for the Black Genius Turkey Giveaway it was not only selfless, it was revolutionary. The brothers passed out the Thanksgiving staples on the same block that they grew up on. Chad said “This is where it all started. Flipping on mattresses and learning how to play ball“. Tyree followed up with, “That’s home base for us, 9th and 4th Ave [Newark, NJ], Grandma house. Grandma held the whole family together.”

The occasion functioned as a turkey drive firstly, and secondly it was a reunion. Many of the people that stopped by our station were not interested in grabbing a turkey; they simply wanted to say hi. Community elders, childhood friends and even one of Chad’s elementary school teachers pulled up to offer hugs and gratitude for the brothers’ initiative. “It’s just dope!  All those guys, they love what I’m doing. They support it 100%. It felt like we were back home again. They show love every chance they get”, replied Chad. I had asked about the crew of brothers that stood by his side as he served the community. It honestly felt like they were protecting us from the patrolling police cars that circled the block the entire time we were out there, but I digress…



Another aspect of the day that couldn’t go unnoticed was how vigorously Tyree promoted the “The Brain Bowl”, a math, Black history and critical thinking competition. Over 100 students will compete in these mental challenges and the top 15 students will win $150 each. “I teach them the equation, but what if they don’t feel like they’re ever going to use it. We know experience is the best teacher so we can’t separate education from the rest of life. We must integrate [our] society into education.” Said the founder of the Black Genius brand.  He meant it. Every single person that was gifted a turkey also received a Brain Bowl flyer. If they didn’t have children they were instructed to give the 4×5 card to somebody that does! “And after this is over, we’ll have another flyer. We all have a genius inside of us. As educators and adults is our obligation it help these kids acknowledge their genius,” he concluded.

With all of the struggles going on in the world, I was curious as to why the Barnes Brothers chose to combat holiday hunger. Tyree said “We did a block party, gave away hundreds of book bags with school supplies. Then we did a charity softball game. This time it’s a turkey drive. It is 6 of us. Statistically my siblings and I are not supposed to be here.” He continued,   “None of us are in jail, on drugs or in a grave. It’s our obligation to give back.” Chad doubled down, “It’s all about giving back. Tyree presented the idea and me, being the oldest, looking from a big brother perspective, I’m gonna support it 100%.” Brotherly love at it’s finest! From the Hip Hop community to the educational sector, it’s safe to say the city of Newark is in good hands. Answering the age old question, am I my brothers keeper, yes I am.

As told by Jimmysodope


Video Link:  https://www.instagram.com/p/CIBy-fgA1ba/

Grand Opening of Nail Posh Studio

Date: November 15th, 2020

Location: Nail Posh Studio, Washington Heights, New York

@Nailsposhstudio/ @ShameekaRosario


On scene, I arrive to the grand opening of Nails Posh Studio. Everything that you’d expect to see at a grand opening of a nail salon was in its proper place.
Balloons, check. Champagne, check. Beautiful women, check. Brooklyn
Hip-Hop star Phresher, okay…  Wait, whose baby is this??


I caught up with entrepreneur, medical aesthetician and founder of Nails Posh Studio, Shameeka Rosario, for answers. “Everyone is out here because I’m
creating a cause, giving back. First responders, victims of domestic
violence and cancer survivors get 15% off!” Shameeka informed me.

…And when she said everybody, she meant it. Entertainers, politicians, brothers and sister ranging from 5 months to 70 years old attended. Malcolm Smith, Music/Media Director of GP Public Relations had this to say, “It’s the right mixture of people. Any event we do, the goal is to make it family oriented.” Then beautiful woman asked him to hold her baby for a moment (definitely a first for me).  As we laughed about Malcolm babysitting during the interview, he left me with this, “… Bridging the gap is HUGE, because different generations have their own culture. We try our best to pass the culture down to the kids but they have their own thing going. So we MUST bring everyone together, like this.”


As I walked through the small yet big salon, I could not help but appreciate the feng shui.  The color of pink perfection covers the walls.  The entire back of the shop is a dedicated shrine of Barbie dolls. One side for your good girls and the other for the “not –so good” girls.  DJ Cookz   held it down with the sounds of evening. One of the sponsors for the event, Sudain Savoury, from the Revenge of The Doubted brand expressed how proud he was of the salons opening. “ We’ve all been doubted before, sometimes by ourselves. No matter what you go through, you gotta keep pushing towards your dreams. People gonna doubt you but never forget, success is the best revenge.”

Before making my exit I couldn’t help but notice all of the black and
brown faces with big smiles as they received manicures, pedicures whilst
sipping on champagne. I asked Shameeka how did she create such a warm and
inviting vibe? She confidently replied, “I love to leave my touch on
people. If they come to me sad or not feeling pretty, when the leave
the salon they feel replenished, gorgeous and youthful. When they walk
out the door we make them feel as if they can take over the world!”

As told by Jimmysodope