Burn Down the Mic Showcase: March 2021

Written by: Jimmysodope


Burn it Down  

There are a few things you can expect at Burn Down The Mic Showcases (BDTM), New York’s freshest DJs (DJ 3 Stacks, DJ Cassius Clay & DJ Fortune) playing Hip Hop classics & today’s hottest records, dope performances by emerging artists from coast to coast and some of the best marijuana that Earth has to offer. You’ll find Capo Lou making his rounds throughout the venue while the legendary DJ Don Demarco makes being a host look effortless. With Jamilah Rose & special guest Cooler Ruler Divine handling judging duties, Burn Down the Mic Showcase is here to make a real impact on the culture. 

I spoke to the winner of the latest installment of Burn Down the Mic, Tye Milano, and was surprised by his response to taking home the crown. “I didn’t know it was a competition till I got there. I wasn’t expecting to win or nothing. I just wanted the experience.” What shocked me most about this response was his demeanor on stage. He had poise, presence and two dancers on stage that brought enough excitement to potentially win the showcase on their own. “I was nervous, but I have great friends. Those are my brothers. They gave me energy and I fed off of it.” Two things that I must mention is that Mr. Milano is 18 years old and that was his first performance. The sky is far from the limit!

My personal favorite part of the night was when the reigning champion Luciano Baby stepped on stage and addressed the audience. He spoke positively and gave advice on simply being great. “We had a 17-year-old artist in there so hopefully my words could keep somebody in the studio and out of the streets.” With artists like Luciano Baby on the rise, East Coast Hip Hop will be in good hands. In a brief conversation with the 17-year-old artist/entrepreneur VBandzz, she expressed gratitude for all the love she received. “I was really nervous because I had never performed, and I didn’t know what to really expect. But being there and feeling everybody’s energy made me feel like damn, I could really do this for a living, as a lifestyle. Even though I didn’t win, the experience was just amazing” said the self-proclaimed “Princess of New York”. 

As the marijuana culture normalizes in New York and elsewhere, I expect BDTM to expand beyond being an underground experience to a worldwide movement. According to The Wall Street Journal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed legalizing marijuana as part of the new state budget due out next week.

Lots of showcases will promise record deals or marketing packages but often fall short when delivering actual benefits to the winners. Luchiano Baby is proof that BDTM keeps their word as he earned a management deal since his win in January. I’m eager to see how Tye Milano will capitalize off of his newfound success. 

Follow Burn Down the Mic Showcase on IG for information on the next event and check out the winner Tye Milano’s newest release “Find Me”. Links below. 

Burn Down the Mic Showcase


Tye Milano – Find Me



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