Stylish Night Out in New York City with Hennessey

(Hennessy Carolina)


Last weekend  was unarguably on of the most stylish nights for the books.  The Vision Room had its big 2022 debut with stylists Charles Reynolds from The  Pluglicist  to coordinate a high fashion look for social media’s style icon,  Hennessey Carolina.

Everyone was there but we give credit to the following brands that showed huge support and love. Now lets get in to these looks.

Left to Right Charles Reynolds, Hennessy Carolina Xavier Banks

First up we have, Charles Reynolds (left), in a dripped in handmade Arcoa  (@arcoa.ny) and Air Jordan kicks. Charles he was looking sleek and ready to fly.

Next we have Xavier Banks (right), who graced us with his fashionable presents,  wearing a jacket by Arcoa  (@arcoa.ny), shirt by Revery, and shoes by Rick Owens (@rickowensonline). As per usual, he always smashes any look. 

Finally we have Hennessey Carolina (center) our pièce de résistance,  in a snow stopping Daniel’s Leather fox trench coat ,  gorgeous black laced one piece by Shane Justin, and Christian Louboutin pumps.

In great words of Fat Joe, these bombshells reminded us that  “Yesterday’s prices [will never be ] today’s prices. Together, this trio keep the city that never sleeps on its toes. 

We cannot forget the other amazing brands  that added their professional touch to this fashionable night.  The Pluglicist and Access by NKC teams work so effortlessly as they assisted with Charles Reynolds with the vision for this styling project.
Access by NKC  collaboration with Charles Reynolds made this an elegant night for the fashionista. It was a  night of style, and if you missed it, we got you covered!! Feast your eyes on all the juicy pictures and more on Instagram @ thevisionroom.
The Vision Room is a creative and collaborative space that works with content creators, enabling them and providing a platform to showcase their passion and skills on social media. The team is comprised of a professional team with the tools and talents to enhance your expertise and work. They are all about creating and capturing unique and wow-I-wish-I-was-there moments.

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