What’s Up Next: Bubbl


Written by William Morales 

Location: New Jersey


During the last year, COVID-19 has put a damper on millions of lives in one form or another. Some people’s heads dropped, some people had trouble motivating themselves, some people set their standards too low. However, we have a group of young people who have defied all odds. They took the negative and made a wonderfully creative and very necessary positive: Bubbl


With thousands of small companies in dire need of a boost, Bubbl showed up with one purpose in mind, to make a difference, one small business at a time. They are bringing in customers and appreciation to small businesses when all hope was lost. Now, I’m sure you are thinking: What is Bubbl? Who is Bubbl, and why should I care about Bubbl? All of these questions were answered in an interview with one of the Bubbl founders, Shrey Pri.

“Don’t let the Bubbl pop”, says Pri, “Letting the Bubbl pop is the same as giving up hope, and here, we don’t let that happen.” When the Coronavirus first took the world by storm, Shrey lifted his head up, instead of hanging it down. He, with six others took the opportunity to make a difference and began to help the average person by designing an app/company called Bubbl. This single, small red app with a “b” in the middle would allow users to socially distance themselves at qualifying businesses. It would monitor the number of people, and the current    Covid-19 status in certain places. A great idea that eventually snowballed into something even greater: a company that will bring sales to these small businesses. Day-by-day Bubbl is changing the world of e-Commerce and making it more small business friendly.


The Bubbl evolved into something bigger than even the founders could have imagined and the name of the game was e-Commerce. Bubbl is somewhat similar to the likes of Amazon but instead of bringing products to consumers from larger suppliers, Bubbl allows them to purchase products from small businesses in the surrounding area. instead of purchasing Dunkin’ coffee beans from Amazon, why not purchase them from the corner store coffee shop down the street? 

“When we finally caught some traction, we decided to bring some creativity to the table,” says Pri. He and his team of seven decided to start promoting small businesses by creating small videos for them. These beautifully, sculpted cinematic pieces have taken both Tiktok and Instagram by storm, and have gained a huge following for Bubbl. Small businesses from New Jersey, all the way to California, are inquiring about having their own videos made. Upon joining the video call, Pri actually mentions, “I actually have to be up at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Bubbl is traveling to Los Angeles in the morning.” This collaborative group is making a name for themselves with their jaw-dropping cinematic work, as the bigger e-Commerce side continues to grow behind the scenes. 


And still, after all of this, we have yet to reach the most inspirational detail about the team. Shrey Pri and the rest of the Bubbl team are college students. This is reminiscent of the Facebook team. Such an amazing idea, yet they still attend classes each week. Such a prolific idea, yet they enjoyed the beautiful weather today literally having a football catch, instead of sitting in an office. So early in development, yet so developed, and still the gears keep spinning. These students have created an idea that’s already gaining interest nationwide, all during the pandemic, yet they are also working on their degrees. 


With the attention this is grabbing, Bubbl’s team is very proud of their work. As you read this, the team is literally in Los Angeles gaining the attention of even more small businesses. On both Tiktok and Instagram @joinbubbl is grabbing more and more views each day.  Bubbl has truly defied the odds. While the rest of the world is playing chess in 3D, they are playing chess in 4D. They are seeing the future before it happens. 


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