It All Began with a “Thank You”

Written By Neha Seenarine

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Hanna Edison, (@h.h.hooks), accidentally started her small business creating a ‘Thank You” gift.

Two years ago, Edison spent time in New York with her brother and his friends.  During her visit, she became sick “I felt terrible, obviously,” Edison said. “I left, but I wanted to thank them so I rug-hooked them a portrait of their dog. They shared it on social media and I got requests to make more. It snowballed from there.”

So, what is rug hooking? According to Wikipedia, Rug hooking is both an art and a craft where rugs are made by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through a stiff woven base such as burlap, linen, or rug warp. The loops are pulled through the backing material by using a crochet-type hook mounted in a handle (usually wood) for leverage.

Before the pandemic struck, Edison was a bartender, she lost her job which gave time to pursue her hobby which is creating art. “I suddenly had a lot of free time,” Edison said. “I was like maybe it will go well. Maybe it will keep me entertained for the next six months or how long I can’t leave my house. I feel like I got lucky. The timing worked out where I never had to sit down and make a decision of quitting my job and starting a business.”

Edison’s projects have had a fast response on social media. Her messages were flooded with requested commissions. “It feels like a lot,” Edison said. “I open my DMs and there are a hundred people yelling at me. I’m so thankful that so many people want to talk to me. It grew so quickly, and suddenly had a lot of demand. I was overwhelmed for weeks. I am getting better at managing it.”

Edison appreciates the engagement on social media. “I’ve done portraits for people that have just seen my Instagram,” Edison said. “It’s very cool to have a positive reaction or people that’s like ‘Oh, your post brightened up my day’ or whatever like it makes me feel so nice.”

Her small business is a one-woman show. Edison tackles her projects on her own at her own pace. “I can make so many at a time,” said Edison. “It will happen at the pace it happens.” Edison’s rugs feature fruits and vegetables. There are other projects reacting to political issues and simplicity, the beauty of dogs for example.

“It was never really like a ‘this is going to be my brand’ decision,” Edison said. “It was sort of more like — I think this would be fun to make, and I want this in my house so I’m just going to make it and then I got a very positive response online.”

Edison plans to continue her passion for art regardless of having a business.

“I love the act of creating like it’s very meditative,” Edison said. “The world is scary it’s like a way to slow your brain down and like you’re very focused on a very simple task like knitting or crochet.  Selling art is something I was really apprehensive about doing for a long time, but it’s been really positive and lovely, and I’ve gotten so many like lovely messages from people.”

Rodgers and “Jeopardy!” are Finding the Endzone

Written By: William Morales


Green Bay Packers Quarterback and NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers has shown he has the talent to host Jeopardy! after a very successful two-week stint.

After the unfortunate passing of Alex Trebek, the legendary Jeopardy! game-show host, in November, the producers have been looking for a new host to carry on his legacy. Many interim hosts have been given the chance to, not replace, but follow in the footsteps of Trebek. Ken Jennings hosted for 6 weeks through January and February and is well known for winning 74 straight games on the show. Mike Richards, the executive producer of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, hosted two weeks behind the famed podium. Following them, were Katie Couric, a journalist for CBS, and the well-known Dr. Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon with his own television show. These last two weeks have been special for sports fans, as future NFL Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers has taken the reins of the show.


Many sports fans see Aaron Rodgers as a very monotone and normal man. His first Jeopardy! appearance easily verified this belief. I, and many others, sat down to watch the first show and notice that Aaron was very relaxed and encompassed very little personality, until final Jeopardy!  Scott Shewfelt, the defending champion, referenced the Packers’ loss in the NFC championship that was questioned heavily with his final answer: “Who decided to kick that field goal?”. This answer caught Rodgers completely by surprise and left him with a witty response and a soft smile.

After day one, the quarterback turned TV host looked like a new man. Spitting out witty remarks, speaking with confidence, and conversing strongly with the participants are all reasons why Jeopardy! ratings have jumped back up. One of the clue creators that has been with the gameshow for 20 years, Jimmy McGuire, had some interesting things to say in an interview. Lindsay Wilcox reported: “He said Aaron Rodgers was the best guest host they had seen so far.” (CBS) The way Rodgers has presented himself over the past two weeks has wowed audiences, executives, and contestants. Don’t be shocked if you see Rodgers on Monday Night Football and 7:30 Jeopardy! at the same time (The show is filmed in advance!).

The great Alex Trebek was known to be inspirational and he once said “Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. After one of the shows, Aaron Rodgers posted a photo of the podium and all of the sticky he kept handy. This photo is the epitome of the previous quote. While the sticky notes along the bottom give him important yet simple reminders, the top one says, “Don’t pick your nose/butt.” Rodgers said he put it there in case “anyone was looking at my podium between games.” It was extremely light-spirited and funny to see. His most recent post on Instagram shows his appreciation and enjoyment and he finalizes it by using two hashtags: #lovethisshowsomuch and #somuchgratitude.

The consideration that Rodgers is getting is higher by a decent margin according to several Jeopardy! employees. At this rate, if none of the upcoming interim hosts can compete, Rodgers may have found a post-retirement job. He has showed great respect towards the show and a strong passion as well. It will be weird seeing the Packers legend on a gameshow each night, but it would definitely be a great tribute to both Jeopardy! and Alex Trebek.










Baking Beyond the Kitchen

Written by: Neha Seenarine

Trinity Andrew (@trinityskitchen) is a self-taught baker against social injustice.

Trinity Andrew was infatuated with baking and decided to teach herself by watching YouTube videos and, for her 26th birthday, she was gifted with cake decorating tools. However, throughout quarantine, her hobby that developed initially to pass the time evolved into an outlet to share her voice on political issues.

“During the first months of quarantine, I really just focused on average cake baking and decorating,” said Andrew. “But then, with the Black Lives Matter movement and the George Floyd protests, I felt that I wasn’t doing anything to help the elimination of white supremacy. In fact, my silence was violent and adding to the problem. I was infuriated as we all should be, and the first political bake was ‘Defund the Police.’ It then went from there to educating myself on political issues and being a part of a community ‘Bakers Against Racism.’ I still have a lot to learn.”

The Bakers Against Racism mission is to stand against racism in all shapes and forms. “We want to see an end to racism and the unjust treatment of Black people and People of Color in America and we believe that we can effect positive change through food for both our nation and across the world.”

Andrew has found baking to be an outlet to speak her truth while educating herself and others.

Andrew noted, “My work is almost a journal for myself with the issues and emotions I am currently learning and feeling. If my work can’t change anything then the least it can do is raise awareness. We’re all unlearning the false narrative that white supremacy was taught to us. I want my work to express the desire for change and the need to fight for justice. “


She participates in food justice with My Nanay’s Kitchen (@mynanayskitchen), which is “a place to cook, to serve and to eat.” Andrew bakes goods to stock up community fridges.

The status of her Instagram account is not the goal for Andrew, she is more concerned about her work being censored.  “It’s funny because I hate celebrity culture and find status or numbers incredibly toxic,” said Andrew. “I wish we didn’t count followers or likes or growth and just stayed comfortable with being ourselves without any desire to get more notice or reach an idea of fame. I am often guilty of wanting my numbers to reach higher, but authenticity is everything to me. I just want to see my account not be deleted at this point (I get reported a lot). It’s a price I’m willing to pay if it means being true to myself.”

For the past month her kitchen has been in an RV because she prioritizes working while traveling.

“Our goal is to hit up every national park we can starting with the East Coast,” said Andrew. “I currently work full time working remotely editing photos and doing copy for a company. When I’m not working then I get to bake and stock up fridges and do food justice on behalf of My Nanay’s Kitchen.”

Andrew has run into issues being on the road however, she is determined to keep baking for the greater good.

“It’s not as easy being on the road as it is when we were living in LA in terms of baking,” said Andrew “mainly because I used to do bakes that 100% of profits can go towards Black Lives Matter, Land Back, Trans Rights or Stop Asian Hate movements. Being on the road, we don’t really have a single location for pickups and not knowing anyone can be a problem too, but we will find a way to make it work.”

YouTube’s Golden Boy

Written By: Samantha Stemmer



During March 2021, YouTube sensation, David Dobrik, faced a whirlwind of controversies and, as many would say, the young star was “cancelled.” Dobrik, 24-years-old, originally from Slovakia, moved to Illinois when he was 6 years old. Dobrik started his YouTube channel in 2015 and found success filming short four-minute-20-second vlog style videos that garnered 18.5 million subscribers on his main channel “The Vlog Squad,” Dobrik’s friend group. The star had gone on to partner with Chipotle, SeatGeek, Doordash, and many other brands, released his own perfume line, recorded podcast “VIEWS,” and was working towards creating a social media platform, “Dispo.”


Dobrik was at the peak of his career when he purchased a $9.5 million house but success was put on hold in March 2021.  Allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, bullying and rape surfaced against Dobrik and “The Vlog Squad.” The allegations began when David Dobrik was regarded as the enabler in sexual misconduct and bullying against former vlog squad member, Seth Francois. Francois thought he would be making out with a woman, but was tricked into kissing Jason Nash, the 47-year-old comedian attached to the group, without Francois’ consent. The allegations then hit a high point when journalist Kat Tenbarge wrote an Insider article that told the following story “A woman featured on YouTube star David Dobrik’s channel says she was raped by a Vlog Squad member in 2018 the night they filmed a video about group sex.”

(Leon Bublitz/Unsplah)

Following the rape allegations against Dominykas Zeglaitis, also known as “Durte Dom,” by “The Vlog Squad,” Dobrik released a two-minute-and-31-second apology video on his podcast YouTube channel “VIEWS” titled “Let’s Talk.” The star disabled all comments on the video and many regarded the “apology” in the video to be insincere and did not fare well. According to Social Blade, a website used to track social media statistics, Dobrik lost 100,000 subscribers, and many brands including, SeatGeek, Chipotle, Doordash, HelloFresh, EA, Dollar Shave Club, General Mills, Bumble, HBO Max, and others announced that they no longer intend to work with the young YouTuber. On March 23, a second apology video titled “3/22/21” that was seven-minutes-and-17-seconds was posted on his primary YouTube channel with the comments enabled. The video features Dobrik emotionally saying “I am so sorry,” that he “fully believes the woman who came out against Dom,” and he will be stepping away from YouTube and social media until he can better regulate his brand and company.


Moving forward, Dobrik’s career has been put on pause as YouTube announced that they will temporarily be demonetizing Dobrik, and his biggest partners cut ties with him. Dobrik stepped down from the board of “Dispo,”  an app and social media platform that he co-founded, that was backed by venture capital firm Spark Capital, who also decided to not move forward with the project. My question now remains, what happens next? Dobrik has had six years of success on social media and was deemed “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” by The Wall Street Journal, will the internet move on and forgive the young sensation, or will he actually be held accountable?


IG: @iamskit

  The social media platform has witnessed an explosion of quality visual content in the past few decades. The images and videos circulating the media have shown great change from what was to what currently is. Behind these high definition images and moving visuals that we see in commercials, movies, fashion shows, music videos, reality and musicals, are individuals who dedicate their time, talent and skill set to ensure that not only are there images and videos to share and enjoy in the digital media world; but their work is top notch.

Saying that photographers and videographers are important to the creative process is an understatement! Because we are visual creatures, society depends on photographers and videographers to fascinate us with the end result of the creative process. 

IG: @dreamsovereverything_

The Vision Room is a creative platform where we come together to give life to the social media space using ourtalents and skill sets. We contribute our individual skills and expertise to the creation of various social media content so the photographers and videographers at The Vision Room are an integral part of a brand such as ours. At The Vision Room many aspects of creativity such as blogging, editing, podcasting, social media influencing and entrepreneurship are born; but photography and videography are the heartbeat and pulse of social media creation here.

Although, photographers and videographers are not the faces you see in front of the camera; but their work behind the camera is crucial.



IG: @mal.clarkk

One of the goals of The Vision Room is to help our clients not only find footing in their individual industries, but to help them establish a successful niche in their respective industries with an outstanding public image. The Vision Room creates amazing and competitive content that will project and draw the target audience, giving them an edge over the competition. 

These contents include images and videos that help capture and retain the audience’s attention to the message(s) shared in the contents which can only be made possible by a job well done by our talented photographers and videographers or a collaboration done with freelancers or other media companies. 

IG: @air.mcm


Truth be told, without images and videos, creative contents would be boring and bland words (written or audio) incapable of capturing and sustaining the attention of the audience for a long time. Without images and videos to go along with the written and audio, contents would be tasteless, monotonous and uninteresting to the audience.

Regardless of how far we go to create articles and posts for clients, if we don’t support them with unique, attractive images and videos created by photographers and videographers, we would not be able to completely satisfy our clients’ needs as we should. 


IG: @r0b3rtx

Another way that our photographers and videographers at The Vision Room are outstanding is how they assist our clients to develop and relay their message effortlessly. 

Again because humans are visual, images and videos give us a better understanding of what the brand/business is sharing, not just the message, but the idea behind the message. Hence our photographers and videographers go out of their way to provide the relevant images and videos that emphasizes our clients’ message appropriately. 



The Vision Room would like to thank all the different freelancers and media teams that have participated, worked out of, or collaborated within our media team (space). Your hard work does not go unrecognized. We will continue to spread light on the creators behind the lens.

Elf Sack Clothing at the Nolcha Shows at NYFW


The Nolcha Shows held their 11th week-long show at the NYFW event, where they partnered with FashionUnited to present independent fashion designers for the spring/summer 2020 collection. Still living up to the reputation of showcasing exciting independent designers, the show featured designers like Elf Sack, Gravitas, Aranyani, Kavenliu Dimor, Acid NYC, etc. Also in attendance were bloggers, notable fashion celebrities and artists one of whom was Steph Lecor- an influential artist with impeccable fashion taste. The show included a runway display on September 7th featuring interesting clothing and accessories and an after-party at the end of the week’s event. 

Elf Sack, a brand known for its vitality and passion combined with bold storytelling expression displayed their pieces telling a wonderful story of fashion and astronomy. The bold expressions brought out this season perfectly epitomizes the brand’s dream since it’s opening in 2006. Elf Sack wants to portray clothing as entertainment and culture. This year’s collection was inspired by a fusion of the Chinese zodiac animals and gothic theme from royal patterns of western culture. The fashion expression of their team gives an experience of culture while meeting different needs. 

The collection made use of comfortable textures through the fabric as well as patterns. Lace, chiffon, and silk were featured all over the collection, creating a delicate yet bold outlook. This brand stands out because of their ability to tell a story that transports you into a different time or a fantasy.

A favorite from this collection is the pink shirtdress which displayed a whimsical expression of culture and contemporary sports fashion. This look maintained a youthful yet artistic theme that blended to the spirit of the collection and stood out at the same time. The shirt-dress also featured interesting details like feathers added to the sleeve maintaining a feminine touch. Paired with darker pants, the designers were able to create a layered feeling, like there was more to it than meets the eye. 



What really unified the collection and earned the standing ovation that it received was the creative intermingling of colors and art. Soft pastel colors used as a backdrop for such a strong display created a fine complement of each other so that you do not miss one while admiring the other. Overall, the collection maintained modesty, creativity, balance, and culture giving everything that the Elf Sack brand is known for. 

The Elf Sack Spring Collection is streetwear with sparkles of femininity. Everything to look for in streetwear, wearability but with a bit of fantasy. Kudos to Elf Sack!! Definitely one of the most noteworthy collections at the Nolcha 2019. 

Oh by the by…the gifts handed out by the brand were absolutely lovely, like the sock featured on the runway. 

MTV AWARDS: Newark Is For Creatives

Newark is a city known for a variety of reasons including hosting the famous sports team New Jersey Devils and birthing so many stars that have made the city a point of reference. Whether that’s actors, musicians, and fashion icons, Newark has its fair share of representatives. The MTV Awards is a case in point and had Newark’s creative sons take over the party. Such was the style and creativity that Prince Derek Doll, interviewing the celebrities and Phil the photographer, working the red carpet, oozed at the ceremony. 

The clothes, the style and a whole lot more are nothing without the right persona to complete it. Further, a look that’s stunning in itself and fits the perfect profile for publicity deserves spectacular hands and eyes behind a camera to capture one for the ages. These sons of Newark not only grabbed the headlines but made statements with their talents and of course, sheer looks. What better way to represent where you’re from especially when it’s the city playing host to the awards? 

Performers at the show included acts from Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Camilla Cabelo, Big Sean, A$ap Ferg, and others. Comedian Maniscalco gave the show an air of variety with his awesome performance hosting the Awards. But the center of attraction was Newark and how she performed and embraced the limelight. 

IAMSKIT: Working The Red Carpet 

Phil the photographer also known as @iamskit , noted for exquisite photos of stars and artists including 

  • Dave East
  • Kenneth Faried. Basketball player for Houston Rockets 
  • Teyana Taylor
  • Drake. Foremost artist and entrepreneur 
  • Migos
  • Big Sean
  • Tori Brix
  • Yukon 

Phil is also a Newark native who reps the city and New Jersey as a whole with his unique style of photography. 

Phil the photographer also has a goal to go into film production. Not so bad for someone well established in the art of producing outstanding images. 

The Avid Professional 

Phil learnt to be the consumate professional from the Miami International University. There he studied the craft of digital media film and photography and has being shooting for five years. No doubt his skills developed through years of experience, coupled with his education served him well on the Red carpet during the VMAs. 

Something Bigger 

Ever the character and cheerful personality, Phil has his sights set on making the developing a creative center for kids where they can hone their skills and explore their potential. An initiative where kids can look up to stars above them that have gone on to make Newark a place to reckon with. 

Prince Derek Doll

Effusive Style

Singer and songwriter Derek Doll stole some looks, including bemused one but as far as fashion goes (yes, there were inexplicable ones), he pulled it off in some style. Sporting a bodysuit, he arrived with a composed look. His suit had panels revealing some skin and a feather coat. It’s worth knowing that the feathers, numbering 100 (bird feathers, that’s is) were matching colors to the black attire. To drive home his point and fashion sense was a pair of embossed black booties complemented with buckle closures. 

With a high-flying style that’s undoubtedly captivating, it’s easy to lose focus on other parts of his body or attire. Sporting jewelry that was unique, he had a good job also done on his hair. His eyelashes weren’t bad either and that’s a huge compliment to his stylist 

The impact of his dress sense and outfit resonated for quite the distance and he was placed on number 8 on Essence’s Top 25 Best Dressed list. Not bad for a rapper. That position made him the highest-ranking male on the VMAs red carpet. This feat is sure to continue as Derek has asked his teeming fans to tag designers, stylists, and photographers they’d like him to collaborate with on his next event. 

He also landed on the number eight spot of the daily beast’s Top 9 on Instagram between notable figures like Little Nas X and Todrick. 

His Interviewees 

One of the stars he interviewed on the red carpet was JuJu Castenada, a reality TV star and author. Even though many thought she was Gabriella Union, Derek was proud to have her speak to him. Derek was won over by JuJu’s high and sleek ponytail and duly acknowledged her style. Also, he described the session as “a dream”. Not just for being selected as a reporter at the VMAs but also to walk the red carpet before the entire world. It was akin to being breathless or flush with adrenaline, and he proceeded to thank Teshaun Glover and the Newark Times for facilitating his presence at the show. 

Derek’s Collaborators 

MUA (Makeup Artist) – McW hands (@mcwhands) 

Prince Derek’s stunning look was due largely to McW hands who brought out his beauty and unique qualities. Every touch and glimmer came down to the smallest detail and McW hands weren’t fazed by it all. It’s a tribute to them that Derek dazzled on the red carpet. 

Wardrobe – Eric Jernigan (@princee45) 

Everyone must have wondered where such a flamboyant attire came from. They are from the stables of Eric Jernigan and it is certain that’s not the last to be heard of them. It must have taken a creative mind to get something as form-fitting as that cloth on to a star like prince Derek. Well with both being ‘princes’ in their own right, it’s no wonder their collaboration produced this magic. Eric Jernigan is also a native of Newark and his link-up with Derek is symbolic of the town ruling over such an event like the MTV Awards. It makes you wonder where the idea of 100 bird feathers came from. Derek or Eric? Either way, it was downright creative. 

Hair – @sedrix.b

Sporting a curly and high-like afro with a brown color, what Derek had on was like a crowing feature to his overall look. 

Jewelry – Marie Antionette Yarrell

The blings were as outstanding and no doubt carried a message because they were pieces of art and were complementary to the attire as well as the personality of the wearer – Prince Derek Doll. 

Shoes: @caperobbin

Derek’s shoes or rather boots are from the range of Cape Robbin boots. Equally as black as his bodysuit, the boots did showcase his taste in fashion. They looked totally cool on him. AEmbossedblack boots with buckle closures would ultimately look great on a star like him. 

Photo Credits

Chances are you’ve come across host of images over social media shots by many photographers at the MTV Awards. Some of the brands responsible for show-stopping photos, including those of Prince Derek Doll include… 

  • Jim Spellman /filmmagic 
  •  Wirelmage
  • Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV
  • A/V Production: @theafterpartyradioshow

How Newark Performed 

Hosting its first MTV Awards show, Newark performed admirably (the water protest aside). With notable personalities from the city and media outlets gracing the occasion to make it the success it was. 

Prince Derek Doll may not originally be from Newark but it’s one he identifies as home and which as returned the love in equal measures. He’s seen as the quintessential, outrageous, one-off fashion star coupled with his hip-hop roots, although that wasn’t the taking point on the red carpet. 

On the flip side, Phil covered and worked the red carpet with aplomb and his list of clients is only set to rise with the kind of images he guarantees through professionalism and expertise. 

In all, it was one hell of a show and a great addition to the area and no doubt Newark will keep playing host to more shows in the future. 


It was a night that reinforced the fact that Newark is here to stay as a city of stars. With personalities like prince Derek Doll and Phil the photographer amongst others, there’s no stopping the creative movement.