The Vision Room Studio partnered with Dreams Over Everything Photography, Asharah Simpson (creative director), and to create a shoot portraying black male excellence. This shoot took place at the Vision Room Studio, and it was truly a statement of excellence, professionalism, and class.  Beginning with the set lighting, the background, then the photography and the interview. We can genuinely say the shoot epitomized black excellence.

Black people are not only beautiful, they’re also smart, talented, innovative, successful, the list is endless. Imagine a room with amazing, talented, gorgeous, and successful men; you can believe that in the Vision Room Studio magic was created. Our work was based on the on-going fight of Black Lives Matter.  We must acknowledge that not only do black lives exist; we deserve and are capable of so much more than gun violence, drug related issues, and rioting. The core theme of the shoot at the Vision Room, was to showcase black male excellence at its finest.

During the shoot, we took time to focus on our knowledge of capturing breathtaking images of black people and to accomplish that an understanding of certain things like appropriate lightning that suits them, and an awareness of the different undertones is necessary. Black people should have their pictures taken appropriately by photographers who understand their beautiful melanated skin tones, and it’s always great to work with photographers and studios who understand this. Black photographer and owner of Dreams Over Everything Photography, Nadir Johnson was ideally suited for the job. Asharah Simpson, the creative director of this shoot, exhibited expertise in guiding and directing the general shoot.

There was no better way to showcase Black male excellence than featuring black talented, educated men of distinction in the shoot. The Kings in the studio were nothing short of that fact. It was great to have black men from different spheres of life under one roof talking about their various struggles, their occupations, their race, their sexuality, and their identity. 

The gorgeous kings featured in the shoot are Tyshon Garrett (counselor), Lou Carey (educator), Jay Saint (singer/songwriter), Ky (rapper), Serge Fils-Aime (photographer and model) and Michael Deji (entrepreneur and fashion designer). They all discussed their stories, inspirations, backgrounds, passion, and how their lives and careers were affected or shaped into what it is today.

They were all clothed in lovely tuxedo jackets created by Nigerian designer Michael Deji, who was, fortunately, one of the models. The tuxedo designs were exquisite, and the colors complemented their lovely skin tones adding magic to the already amazing the shoot. These pieces brought out the royalty in these Nubian kings. They not only looked regal…they were regal.

The set and background built at our studio were ingeniously created by Ossay (Okossay Brand).  The goal of the photoshoot was to showcase black excellence and emphasize that black lives matter. Names of black people who died due to police brutality, gun violence, or even racism were featured as the background of the shoot. This shoot was to continue to affirm that Black Lives Matter.

Black men are strong, passionate, hardworking, and amazing individuals, and society needs to understand that there is so much strength and greatness in their wisdom, vulnerability, identity, and race. They deserve to be treated with respect. There is so much more to the black community than the violence that is shown in the media. We need to get hold of this NOW so our little black princes and princesses can have better opportunities in a more understanding, positive and accepting future. This was a major driving force of the shoot to show black excellence.

It was an honor for the Vision Room Studios to have worked on this shoot with these lovely people to showcase black excellence. We hope that black people get the recognition and respect they deserve.